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Please allow me to introduce myself. I am a 37 year old male who has received two corneal transplants. This is what the transplants have done for me.

While growing up I was active in many sports, an avid reader and simply involved in a number of activities. However in Grade 12 I recall I couldn't se the blackboard as well. I thought it was simply a change in my eyes. I could still see very well and like most kids did nothing about it. Finally I went for an eye exam. At that time I was told I had Keratoconus, which is a corneal degenerative disorder in which the cornea becomes progressively thin and steep, resulting in irregular astigmatism. Initially to correct this I wore hard contact lenses. As the cornea change, the lenses changed. It came to the point where the manufacturers had to guess the shape of the lenses as the cornea bulged so much. Needless to say, although I was able to see very well, they were not the most comfortable to wear. At this time I stopped many of the activities I enjoyed since the lenses had a habit of popping out or were just too uncomfortable.

As the Keratoconus progressed I was placed on the transplant list. The waiting period was a short 4 months for my first transplant. Today with glasses that eye is 20-20. It allowed me to first of all not use the contact lenses as I see well enough with that eye to not wear the lens in my other eye. I recall sitting on my deck and looking at the vivid colors, being able to see bees in the flowers and return to many activities I enjoyed. In short, the quality of life greatly improved.

After that cornea healed I was put on the list to have my left corneal transplant. After each exam with my transplanting surgeon I always said that if someone needed two transplants to do one of theirs first as I knew what it was like to wear those contacts. In February 2006 I received the call that a cornea was available and I had the transplant. At my first check up since the transplant a few tests are done before you see the doctor. When he entered the office he opened the file, read a little lifted his head back and let out a WHOA that I am sure everyone in the waiting room could hear. I could see a remarkable 20-25 with the new cornea (I could read the very last line on the eye chart). Without the dedicated efforts of the Saskatchewan Lions Clubs, the Saskatchewan Transplant Program, the Transplanting Physicians, I along with many others would not receive this second opportunity. For that I commend them and their efforts and would like to say a sincere thank you.