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I was 28 years old with two children...a 3 yr old & 7 month old I was diagnosed with Acanthamobea Keratitis (an aggressive parasite living in the cornea). It completely turned my life upside down. Within two days I was unable to use my right eye and extremely sensitive to light with debilitating pain. I immediately received multiple eye drops to administer every hour through the day and night to try and kill the parasite. Do to the severity of the drops and the aggressive nature of the parasite my pain level escalated daily and I received high doses of pain killers. I wore an eye patch and 2 pairs of sunglasses with a blanket over my head to all of my appointments throughout the week.

I retreated to my dark bedroom all day everyday. I was unable to look after my home, my business, my children or myself. Thank goodness for the grace of God, my supportive family and husband.

For the months following I spent most of my time in bed, praying that the parasite would die. The ophthalmologist's words ringing in my ears..."you may struggle with this thing for up to 8-12 years". At times it would start to look like things were getting better only to take a turn for the worse once again. In the end, after my cornea had been thoroughly destroyed due to the parasite and the drops, my doctor gave me hope. I would be eligible for a corneal transplant. Please understand that I would not die from this sickness my worst fear was that I would not be able to live.

A beautifully clear day with the dreaded sun shining in my room, I received a new to me cornea on September 3rd, 2005. For the next year I recovered with more drops and waited for the tissue to become a part of my own eye. I have since contemplated the enormity of this gift...tissue transplantation is a selfless act that should receive high honor. It never stops giving.

There are no words to describe the thankfulness I feel. I thank God daily for this beautiful gift of life